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Strength Training

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Girls Doing Push Ups
Strength Training

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True Health and Fitness

Functional Strength Training 

Weight loss & Nutrition Coaching

Energy Work

Find your  physical, mental strength and balance through a number of different  wellness modalities. Strength and functional training methods to reduce the risk of injury while improving stamina, coordination, and body composition. Nutrition and and weight loss coaching for individuals looking to improve their lifestyle throughout all dimensions of wellness for sustainable success. Find food and lifestyle strategies from a holistic approach that suit your individual needs and circumstances. Receive reiki, a form of energy work, to center your well-being, reducing physical and emotional stresses while balancing energy. 

Note: I take the highest safety and sanitation precautions when working with clients and am fully vaccinated.

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Reiki Practioner


All About Health and  Fitness

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Jenna Merrow

                   Since my youth I have  been fascinated with human physiology and has always been self-directed toward evolving my own understanding of true health and wellness. My connection with movement has helped me overcome many life challenges, creating resilience through mindset and tenacity. As I have evolved, I learned to incorporate other modalities of wellness, to approach life and clients in a holistic manner. In my formal education, I studied clinical nutrition at UC Davis, later combining it with fitness training, motivating through movement.

           In my world travels I lived and worked in Thailand at a healing center, rounding my perspective on wellness through mindfulness and healing modalities. I have held many positions in the wellness field. Working as the Wellness Coordinator for the city of Santa Rosa, I coached nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, and behavioral approaches while creating and managing wellness and fitness programs. 


I am passionate about helping women find an anti-diet nutrition approach to weight loss, gain food freedom and happiness in life.

In my spare time I love getting outdoors in the beautiful Sonoma county and spending time with my family and friends.



B.S. Clinical Nutrition, U.C. Davis, CA   

Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (A.C.E)

Reiki Master Certification

Behavioral Change Specialist, A.C.E

Functional Specialty Certification A.C.E

Certified Health & Wellness Coach, A.C.E

Functional Movement Screens Level 1 Certification

TRX Certification

Fitness Training

Get the tools you need

Education and Goal Setting:

 With all the misinformation out there it can be difficult to know how to train or what to eat. I combine what you need, what you enjoy, and meet them with your goals. I provide the latest and up to date applicable resources, to find what works best for you. 

Form & Control

As a fitness professional I see people putting themselves at risk for injury all the time. It takes years of experience to have the eye to know proper mechanics. I have worked with many different body types and injuries and can put you through a fitness program safely and effectively. 

Accountability& Motivation

Whether I am your Health Coach, Personal Trainer or both I am here to keep you on track and stay motivated. 

Maximum Results

If you don't have a plan it's nearly impossible to pave the path to success. I will help ensure you get the most effective workouts and coaching. I leverage science based approaches and eastern medicine modalities to get you maximum results. 

All Around Wellness

Wellness is multidimensional and includes many aspects of life. We look at more than just how you eat and how you train, we look at all of you. 

  • Improved overall sense of well being and health indices

  • Increase fitness, sleep, and healthy food choices adherence

  • Decrease perceived stress and increase resilience

  • Maintain independence longer and improve quality of life


Health and Fitness Services 

Restore your mind body balance

Fresh Vegetable in Basket

Start your body transformation

Outdoor Exercise

Build Strength & Stamina

Fitness Couple High Five

Accountability for two 

Back Massage

Heal your body and mind


Everyday is an opportunity to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier, and to be the best version of you. - unknown

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