Back Massage


Heal your body and mind 

Also known as energy healing, is an alternative therapy, using little to no touch to redirect energy throughout the body and accelerate the natural healing process. Many different feelings or sensations may arise during the session and oftentimes serves as a way to balance one's physical and emotional wellbeing, reducing pain, restoring energy and improves your overall quality of life. Prior to the session you and the practitioner will discuss your symptoms followed by a 45- minute reiki energy healing session and a post session discovery. 

Curious but not sure about it? Call me for a free initial session so you can see if its right for you. 

In-home services: 60 minute session starting at $130 - 4 sessions for $500

Studio service: 60 minute session for $95 - 5 sessions for $450

*Studio pricing is available for those who come into the studio located in Sebastopol.