Hypervolt Technology

Proper recovery is a substantial part of building strength and muscle. The hypervolt uses processive therapy that penetrates deeper into the muscle tissue that has a number of benefits.

  • Circulation is improved which will reduce lactic acid build up which minimizes muscle tension and inflammation.

  • Increase in flexibility by synchronizing muscle spindle fibers which can lead to better range in motion, reducing your risk of injury.

  • Delayed onset muscle soreness, DOMS, is a common effect after physical activity and can last up to 24-72 hours after your workout, percussive therapy aids in recovery time reducing pain.

  • From the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research notes that the vibration therapy “improves muscular strength, power development, and kinesthetic awareness.” It also, “effectively improves muscle performance which may prevent DOMS.

  • Improved lymphatic flow so your body excretes toxins and waste effectively leading to a better immune system and improved metabolism.

  • Fast application period for effective results

  • A few other pieces of research indicate it

  • Rehabilitation is expedited from muscle that suffered from trauma, disease, or surgery.

  • This tool can even aid in insomnia issues, cellulite and stress.

Some of the common injuries treated with percussive therapy: Muscle soreness, sciatica, shin splints, muscle cramps and spasms, carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated or bulging discs, TMJ syndrome.

Please seek medical advice before I use this tool with you if you have:

  • Inflammation related injuries

  • Taking blood thinner such as warfarin and heparin

  • High blood pressure, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis varicose veins, sprains strain, and fractures.