The Hope Molecule

Researchers have discovered what they call “the hope molecule.” Myokines that are ONLY released from muscle contraction have profound effects on your mental and physical health. So think of movement as your daily prescription to decrease anxiety, build immune system, coping skills, improve wellbeing, mood, and control emotion. Long term effects of exercise allow the brain to become more resilient under stress. I have clients that have single handily changed their mood and life around because they decided to start exercising. It is more than just a trend and that's why I believe in it.

Are you taking care of your physical and mental health? Many people can read this information and think “ya, ya, ya...tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll start. I know it's good for me… DUH!”

What do you think is really holding you back? Is it confusion on how to plug and play? Is it past failure attempts? Do you having to leave the comfort of your couch? Too little time (meaning: that is not a priority right now.) What is your reason? Question your thoughts that want to keep you safe from change and growth.

Change your mind. Change your habits. Change your life.