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Food Empowerment program 

Change your mindset. Change your habits. Change your life.

With today's world of a million different diets, it's hard to know what is right for you and what will actually be sustainable. It can be a very negative cycle of depriving to overeating and back to deprivation.


Being in that mindset can be perpetually defeating because there seems to be no way out sometimes.


And even when you do get success it's only going to be a certain amount of time until you're back where you were or worse.


You convince yourself, tomorrow, or next week so you overindulge, self-sabotage, just to feel guilty the next day.


The anticipation of the diet at first might spark motivation at first but after a while you find it wands and your right back at square one.


So “the diet” has subconsciously or consciously become this thing you dread every time you think you have to go back to deprivation in hopes this time it will work. 


You're tired and stressed consistently, uncomfortable in your own skin, thinking you’re just going to have to accept yourself with the weight even when you're unhappy with it.


I’ve been through it, many women are still struggling with it. 


You can have freedom from this. Food freedom. 


You can learn how to live without obsessing over every meal or no meal you will eat. You will learn how to make better choices that you WANT to make while still eating bread, cake, or whatever else you fancy.


No constant tracking, no counting. Just real choices that make the real difference.


It's not about dieting, it's about controlling your life again.

Now enrolling committed clients. When you work with me and do the work, you will finally drop the weight and start living your best!!

3-Month Food Empowerment program: Anti-diet approach for overwhelmed women to drop the weight, gain food freedom and self-confidence.

  • Drop the weight without depriving or obsessing

  • Mindsets to stop self-sabotaging 

  • A food plan you enjoy that is sustainable

  • Gain energy on a fitness plan made for you

Everyone is welcomed to a free 30 minute consultation, where you will address health concerns, goals, and barriers.


I'm worth the change!


Success Stories

A lot of people didn't believe me...I was 200lbs and now I flux between 135lbs to 145lbs. If I can do it anyone can! I don't give up the things I love most like BEER, Cheese, and just not healthy food all around but limit it through out the week . Jenna has been a huge influence on my weight loss/health mind and wellness process... and highly recommend her because she has the amazing ability to make you want to be healthier but is realistic about life and supports the perfect balance that obviously shows results.